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A Lesson from Photography

To be honest, I’ve become interested in photography by accident.

Whilst I have always enjoyed taking photos when travelling, I never quite understood the “art” or “skill” behind photography – I would essentially mock the copious amounts of Black and White Photography that abounded the senses or the close up shots of shoes and leaves.

At the end of a trip I’d chose my favourite handful of photos and throw them on Facebook or print them at the local Kodak shop to stick on the wall.


When post-wedding blues struck, however, I was paralysed by the need to find new direction and purpose.

By chance, during term 2 holidays, I used the iPhoto program on my new laptop to have a look at a few photos from our first trip away. Upon finding the “edit” section – I played with several of the photos, adjusting saturation, exposure, contrast – all of the things that proper photographers would probably now be projectile vomiting over their screens upon reading. I simply changed the photos to a degree where they made me smile when I looked at them.

I found the process of photography enjoyable.

And so it went. I went through city by city, re-exploring photos long since ignored to find the photos that made me sit up, think, remember, and smile.


I must categorically state that I do not believe that I am a good photographer. My photos are taken on Auto (hopefully soon to be rectified), I have little idea of composition or lighting and my editing techniques are lazy and result in blurry pictures.

My “photography,” however, has certainly opened my eyes up to the immediate world in front of me. Even when I am not taking photos, I look keenly at the local spaces and colours, textures and shapes. I consider clearly the objects that entertain my sight and think positively about how this visual sense can improve my vitality.

Where previously the fascinated section of my visual sphere was occupied purely by human faces, sporting landscapes and famous buildings – I am now enamoured with the light hitting an old house, a cat dancing along a vibrant grassy space or a flower sprouting for the first time in months.

Whilst I hope that some photos I take inspire joy, wonder or interest in others, what it comes down to is that it’s helped me find a new interest and passion – and that is, clearly, the world right in front of me.


“Health is more than the absence of disease”

When we’re sick, we can barely imagine being well.

When well, we whinge about how little sleep we’ve had.

Too often we fail to recognise positives – even when they dwell within our own beings.

We care more for our hair than our minds. More for our cars than our bodies. More for our time than our friends.

It is beneficial to evaluate your outlook, if only to find a positive. To recognise aspects of  your life and mindset that help to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.

Happiness has a place in this discussion. While many search for it, often leaving mindless trails of consumer destruction behind them, it is not a staple of wellness. It is a fluid body that can be reached by the simplest of forms.

Being well in mind does not mean one is always happy – just as being fit does not mean never being out of breath.

We must understand what sustains us, in body and mind, and pursue those things without guilt, fear or embarrassment.

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