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In younger days, brash was a decent word to describe this author.

Opinionated, argumentative, out-spoken would be others.

Teenage male I suppose would sum it up more neatly.

Specifically, I had little regard for people I viewed as idiotic. Very little tolerance for those I did not agree with or whoever I viewed as vapid, materialistic, arrogant or snobby.

I think it was born from silence in my family life – feeling as though, to some who were supposed to be closest to me, that my voice carried no respect or value. From here, I think I tried to assert myself with strangers. Fiercely loyal to friends, incredibly dismissive of others.

I don’t think that I thought those I didn’t like had anything to teach me – except to be their polar opposite.

As time has passed and I’ve continued to mature, and mellow, I’ve realized that, in many ways, it’s the people that you don’t particularly connect with, or agree with, that you can learn the most from. Through reflection and circumspection, born of respect for the right of others to have opinions of their own, your own views of the world can be solidified, understood or changed as needs be.

Self-respect and appreciation can only materialise deeply within one’s self when one has tolerance and respect for a range of people – and viewpoints. It is here where self-doubt and flagellation dies – when you realize that everything you detested about yourself previously can be viewed completely differently from a view-point that you’d previously never considered, or entirely ignored.

The Parma

I only recently discovered that the Aussie ‘Parma’ (or Parmi/Parmy, depending on where you are) is a relatively unknown and unique dish.

It had long been my thinking that such a wonderful, amazing, earth-shattering,
souls-uplifting, feet tingling, smile-inducing, butterflies at the thought, hunger-causing-at-the-sound-of-it dish had been a world favorite for millennia – if not longer.

Alas, it’s not the case.

Nevertheless, it is my vision to teach this dish to as many as possible and spread the word of its glory. If but one of you gorgeous readers decides to give the chicken Parma a go, I will unquestionably die a relatively happy person.

Enough of that, get to the bloody supermarket and buy:

One crumbed chicken schnitzel,
One bottle of pasta tomato sauce,
Ham off the bone,
Parsley flakes,

I’ll wait.

Are you back!?



Ok, good.


Step One

Peal your potatoes, cut them into quarters and put them over a steaming pot. They’ll be right to go in about 20-30 minutes.

Step Two

Heat a pan on high, douse with olive oil and place schnitzel onto the pan. Oil each side of the schnitzel. Give a few minutes on each side until golden brown.

Step Three

Once golden brown, place the schnitzel under a grill. Put the tomato sauce onto the chicken and spread liberally. Place cut ham generously over the parma and sprinkle cheese over the top. Grill on high for a few minutes.

Step Four

Remove potatoes – place in a pot with some milk and butter. Mash until creamy and smooth. Place on plate.

Step Five

When the cheese has melted nicely and developed a brown-tinge, remove your parma. Sprinkle parsley over the top and put it on the plate with the mash.

Step Six

Eat it!


Salads I enjoy with it:

Rocket, Basil, Fetta Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes mixed with olive oil.

Rocket, Avocado, Capsicum, Cheese mixed with mayonnaise.


Let me know what you think!