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The Ultimate Liminal Space

Airports would have to be considered one of the ultimate Liminal spaces. A zone where humans disconnect from their parent-society but are not yet adjoined to their new one.

Aesthetically sterile environments that harbour more illnesses and bugs than hospitals.

As with a casino, telling the time of day is often a difficult one achieved most readily by spying the wristwatch of an exhausted fellow-inhabitant.

After many attempts and transitions, I am none the clearer on whether track pants/pajamas are acceptable forms of apparel. In contrast to one of our first actions when seated being to locate our pillow and blanket, we are seemingly judged as plebeian when dressed according to hitherto satisfactory societal norms of sleeping-garments.

A Private Upbringing

he had swagger, the kind of pseudo-intellect that affords him the luxury of
the kind of arrogance awarded as a bonus to those educated through a prestigious independent school