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Rules for Sports Fans

  1. Never devote yourself to a sport that may crown a champion mid-week.
  2. If you follow a team that hasn’t won the Premiership for over 50 years, ignorance is usually bliss when it comes to secretly checking scores at lunch-dates.
  3. You cannot call a team “we” or lovingly describe loyal fans as “us” until you have at least attended a match featuring your chosen side.
  4. Purchasing apparel is banned until you can name at least 5 players.
  5. If nobody hates your team, it’s because they’re rubbish.
  6. Not knowing any stats can be embarrassing – knowing all of them moreso.
  7. Applauding opposition acts of brilliance is allowed but not encouraged.
  8. Keep in mind that no one gives a shit about your fantasy team (or your betting) anywhere near as much as you do.
  9. When feeling the urge to follow a team in a sport, teams which fit one of these 3 scenarios are out of bounds:
  • Any side that has won the league in the previous 3 seasons;
  • Any side that is in the top 3 sides for overall titles and;
  • Any side with teal in their uniform;
  • Any team who’s nickname matches that of a current rival and;
  • Any team with a pathetic monicker (Capitals? Really?).

The Obelisk of Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires12 Buenos Aires13 Buenos Aires54 Buenos Aires55 Buenos Aires62 Buenos Aires63 Buenos Aires64 Buenos Aires67 Buenos Aires82

La Boca – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires71 Buenos Aires72 Buenos Aires73 Buenos Aires74 Buenos Aires75 Buenos Aires76

La Recoleta Cemetery – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires32 Buenos Aires33 Buenos Aires34 Buenos Aires47

El Ateneo Bookshop – Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires24 Buenos Aires25 Buenos Aires26 Buenos Aires27 Buenos Aires28 Buenos Aires29 Buenos Aires30

Innovative Idea Number 1

A scratch and sniff cookbook.

A Day in B.A.

Buenos Aires01 Buenos Aires01a Buenos Aires04 Buenos Aires05 Buenos Aires06 Buenos Aires07 Buenos Aires08 Buenos Aires09 Buenos Aires14 Buenos Aires15 Buenos Aires15a Buenos Aires16 Buenos Aires18 Buenos Aires19 Buenos Aires20 Buenos Aires21 Buenos Aires22 Buenos Aires31 Buenos Aires38 Buenos Aires39 Buenos Aires40 Buenos Aires42 Buenos Aires51 Buenos Aires60 Buenos Aires80 Buenos Aires99 Buenos Aires99a