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The Mind of a 5 Year Old

The mind of a 5 year old

At some point of the afternoon in suburban Melbourne, a 5 year-old primary school girl decided action must be taken. Not content to draw, build, play make believe or watch television, this young girl decided that her time should be better spent. It needed to be spent, apparently, on a gift for her teacher. A man who, she knew, loved the Melbourne Football Club. The gift had to be relevant. It had to be school-ish. It needed to showcase her intelligence. So the girl drew and cut out the letters O E M B L U E R N. Using her craft skills to create an envelope, she slipped the letters inside. I imagine a beaming smile and sense of anticipation swept across her as she slipped (more likely scrunched) the envelope into her school bag. Ready to impress her teacher the next day. Ready to spread a smile.