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Unexpected finds from Pluto

One of my prep children’s biggest fears was getting lost in outer space. I calmed her by stating how fortunate she was to be living on earth and, subsequently, how unlikely her fear was to come true. The situation provided me with an opportunity to divert the class conversation to space: a personal favourite. Not expecting to illicit much response, I wondered aloud if any of the 5 year olds had heard of the proposed mission to Mars. To my surprise, this whimsical statement was met with rapturous response. Yes yes oh god yes I hear the children (essentially) call out. Never before had I ridden such a crest of euphoria. One of the masses added to the fervor with the additional information that water had been found on Mars. Bloody water for God’s sake, who knew!? I’d assumed less likely water be found on Mars than any young child cared about such shit. Pitch had reached the fever end of the scale when the class finally ascended into entropy. “And have you heard that there is supposed to be an announcement today about Pluto? There may be life there??” By this stage I was practically shouting while sitting well beyond the edge of my chair. 5 year olds are partial to excitement, but the response from one child was beyond any possible expectation. “YES, YES, PLUTO! THERE IS LIFE ON PLUTO. DWARVES LIVE ON PLUTO. DWARVES.” My mind backed away from the scene as the curtain drew closed to a sea of “dwarves?” “Yeah!” “Real dwarves?” “Yeah!” “Wooooow”