Gesture – Trincomalee


I was little and I was fortunate. My brother, four years senior, regularly showed me the ways of the world and was intent on sharing the tricks he had discovered during his extra time on the planet.

Naturally, when starting school I looked to him for advice. How to navigate a strange new world of rules and unfamiliar routines. He obliged of course. Taking me kindly under his wing. In the first few weeks he showed me where to put my bag and how to make friends. Easy enough.

He also taught me about giving someone “the bird.” Sticking your middle finger up at someone was akin to giving a thumbs up – only more friendly.

His reasoning was simple, and logical, to the mind of a five year old.

“Your middle finger is longer than your thumb. So it’s like saying ‘good job’ – only nicer.”

Not long after that informal lesson, I sat diligently on the mat while my teacher drew a polar bear on the board. I could sense her apprehension and wanted to offer support. To say “good job” only nicer.

So when I was subsequently reprimanded by my teacher I felt confused. Misunderstood. And pissed off at my brother.

Gestures can be confusing – especially to the uninitiated.

And so it was on that gloriously sunny, East-Coast Sri Lankan day.

We required transportation at 1 o’clock. The driver shook his head – “OK.”

“2 o’clock?” My wife politely requested.

Another shake of the head. Another “OK.”

3 o’clock then? This time a subtle panic simmered.

More shaking. More OKs.

By this stage, I could barely contain my laughter. In these parts, a shake of the head means a different thing than at home. After all these years, I finally understood the pathetic glory my brother had enjoyed when I was five.

4 o’clock??

Laughter now poured from both the driver and myself.

Leaving my wife feeling confused, misunderstood and pissed off with me.


Breeze – Florence


In the late afternoon, Alice would open the shutters wide and leave them askew until the last light had faded from her room. Not so much to let light in but the breeze. Two regular guests who entered and filled the mostly empty space. She preferred the breeze.

When she first arrived here, it would enter like a loving memory. Slowly dancing around her face and bare arms. A warming embrace. A rare comfort.

Now it enters abruptly – slicing her cheeks and cutting through her clothes. Bringing only a chill. Though she doesn’t mind. Unlike memories, no breeze can be felt twice.

Occasionally, Alice would stand at the ledge and look out at the steady flow of the Arno. The smooth, shimmering centre flowed serenely – allowing her mind to quieten. Inhale.

Before long, her eyes would inevitably be drawn to the rough water where shards of white were thrown abruptly about in sprays, churned by unseen forces. The memory of the stream will carry the memory of the obstacles below – whether or not they are seen from above. Exhale.

Alice turned away from the window. The breeze passed through her long dark hair and out. Free to grow and soar. Not everyone is afforded that luxury. Alice tried to attach her memories to the breeze, hoping a thought would weigh less than the wind.

Six months previously Alice pinned the same hope on a plane ticket. Purchased uncertainly. On credit. She fought against the plan. The ticket sat in a drawer in the second bedroom amongst tiny, unused socks. To rest with the dreams of another life.

When the day came to fly, Alice felt moved to float. To soar.

She retrieved the ticket and allowed loose fingers to brush tenderly against the cotton. Their impression remained on her hand as she closed the drawer and left her life behind.

This was the place where Alice could begin again. Where the river flowed and the breeze would cradle her like a mournful lover.

The warmth of the sun. The bite of the breeze. Each comforting thought was betrayed by a pang of guilt. Each wind sweep would leave her and drift on through the shutters. Leaving her to clutch the pain of loss at her breast.

Her only constant.


Trincomalee Trincomalee01 Trincomalee02 Trincomalee04 Trincomalee05 Trincomalee06 Trincomalee07 Trincomalee08 Trincomalee09 Trincomalee10 Trincomalee11 Trincomalee12 Trincomalee13 Trincomalee14 Trincomalee15 Trincomalee16 Trincomalee17 Trincomalee18 Trincomalee19

Train Rides in Sri Lanka

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Polonnaruwa Polonnaruwa01 Polonnaruwa02 Polonnaruwa03 Polonnaruwa04 Polonnaruwa05 Polonnaruwa06 Polonnaruwa08 Polonnaruwa09 Polonnaruwa10 Polonnaruwa11


Passikudah Passikudah01 Passikudah02 Passikudah03 Passikudah04 Passikudah06 Passikudah07 Passikudah08 Passikudah09 Passikudah10 Passikudah11 Passikudah12 Passikudah13 Passikudah14 Passikudah15 Passikudah16 Passikudah17

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya Nuwara Eliya01 Nuwara Eliya02 Nuwara Eliya03 Nuwara Eliya04 Nuwara Eliya05 Nuwara Eliya07 Nuwara Eliya08 Nuwara Eliya09 Nuwara Eliya10 Nuwara Eliya11 Nuwara Eliya12 Nuwara Eliya13 Nuwara Eliya14 Nuwara Eliya15 Nuwara Eliya16 Nuwara Eliya17 Nuwara Eliya18 Nuwara Eliya19 Nuwara Eliya20 Nuwara Eliya21

Mount Lavinia

Mount Lavinia Mount Lavinia01 Mount Lavinia02 Mount Lavinia03 Mount Lavinia04 Mount Lavinia06 Mount Lavinia07 Mount Lavinia08 Mount Lavinia09 Mount Lavinia10 Mount Lavinia11 Mount Lavinia12 Mount Lavinia13 Mount Lavinia14 Mount Lavinia15 Mount Lavinia16 Mount Lavinia17 Mount Lavinia18 Mount Lavinia19 Mount Lavinia20 Mount Lavinia21 Mount Lavinia22 Mount Lavinia23 Mount Lavinia24

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya Minneriya01 Minneriya02 Minneriya03 Minneriya04 Minneriya05 Minneriya06 Minneriya07 Minneriya09 Minneriya10


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Dambulla and Sigiriya

Dambulla and Sigiriya Dambulla and Sigiriya01 Dambulla and Sigiriya02 Dambulla and Sigiriya03 Dambulla and Sigiriya04 Dambulla and Sigiriya05 Dambulla and Sigiriya06 Dambulla and Sigiriya07 Dambulla and Sigiriya08 Dambulla and Sigiriya09 Dambulla and Sigiriya10 Dambulla and Sigiriya12 Dambulla and Sigiriya13 Dambulla and Sigiriya14 Dambulla and Sigiriya15 Dambulla and Sigiriya16 Dambulla and Sigiriya17 Dambulla and Sigiriya18 Dambulla and Sigiriya19 Dambulla and Sigiriya20 Dambulla and Sigiriya21

The Dogs – Alice and Scout

King Charles Cavaliers - Scout and Alice6 King Charles Cavaliers - Scout and Alice5 King Charles Cavaliers - Scout and Alice3 King Charles Cavalier -Blenheim - Scout5 King Charles Cavalier -Blenheim - Scout2 King Charles Cavalier -Blenheim - Scout1 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice19 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice18 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice17 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice16 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice15 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice12 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice11 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice10 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice07 King Charles Cavalier - Ruby - Alice04 1939432_10152924199798035_7862768796286995874_n


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Colonia del Sacramento – Sun-swept Streets

Colonia del Sacremento03 Colonia del Sacremento09 Colonia del Sacremento10 Colonia del Sacremento15 Colonia del Sacremento20 Colonia del Sacremento21 Colonia del Sacremento35

Colonia del Sacramento – Sunset

Colonia del Sacremento15 Colonia del Sacremento16 Colonia del Sacremento17 Colonia del Sacremento19 Colonia del Sacremento20 Colonia del Sacremento21 Colonia del Sacremento22 Colonia del Sacremento23 Colonia del Sacremento24 Colonia del Sacremento25 Colonia del Sacremento26 Colonia del Sacremento27 Colonia del Sacremento28

Colonia del Sacramento – Old City

Colonia del Sacremento04 Colonia del Sacremento05 Colonia del Sacremento06 Colonia del Sacremento07 Colonia del Sacremento08 Colonia del Sacremento11 Colonia del Sacremento12 Colonia del Sacremento13 Colonia del Sacremento14 Colonia del Sacremento30 Colonia del Sacremento31 Colonia del Sacremento32 Colonia del Sacremento33 Colonia del Sacremento34 Colonia del Sacremento36 Colonia del Sacremento37 Colonia del Sacremento38 Colonia del Sacremento42 Colonia del Sacremento43

Colonia del Sacramento – Streets

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Montevideo – Palacio Salvo

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Montevideo01 Montevideo02 Montevideo03 Montevideo04 Montevideo05 Montevideo06 Montevideo07 Montevideo08 Montevideo11 Montevideo12 Montevideo13 Montevideo14 Montevideo21 Montevideo22 Montevideo23 Montevideo24 Montevideo25 Montevideo26 Montevideo27 Montevideo28

Sao Paulo – Vila Madelina

Sao Paulo03 Sao Paulo04 Sao Paulo05 Sao Paulo06 Sao Paulo07 Sao Paulo08 Sao Paulo09 Sao Paulo10 Sao Paulo11 Sao Paulo12 Sao Paulo13 Sao Paulo14 Sao Paulo15 Sao Paulo16 Sao Paulo17

Sao Paulo – Paulista

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Sao Paulo – Edifício Altino Arantes

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Sao Paulo – City

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