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Passikudah Passikudah01 Passikudah02 Passikudah03 Passikudah04 Passikudah06 Passikudah07 Passikudah08 Passikudah09 Passikudah10 Passikudah11 Passikudah12 Passikudah13 Passikudah14 Passikudah15 Passikudah16 Passikudah17

Colonia del Sacramento – Sun-swept Streets

Colonia del Sacremento03 Colonia del Sacremento09 Colonia del Sacremento10 Colonia del Sacremento15 Colonia del Sacremento20 Colonia del Sacremento21 Colonia del Sacremento35

Colonia del Sacramento – Sunset

Colonia del Sacremento15 Colonia del Sacremento16 Colonia del Sacremento17 Colonia del Sacremento19 Colonia del Sacremento20 Colonia del Sacremento21 Colonia del Sacremento22 Colonia del Sacremento23 Colonia del Sacremento24 Colonia del Sacremento25 Colonia del Sacremento26 Colonia del Sacremento27 Colonia del Sacremento28


Melbourne at Sunset

The Yarra h


Federation Square – Melbourne – Australia

The Yarra x


The End of the Earth – Australia

Abington Farm


Stunning – The Wedding Cake – Rome

Rome - Buildings5


Melbourne Sparkles

The Yarra y


Unfamiliar Deja Vu




The Yarra q


A Cruise Through Time – The Nile – Egypt

The Nile


An Afternoon Stroll – Hoi An – Vietnam

Hoi An


By the Colour of the Evening – Bay of Fires – Tasmania – Australia

Bay of Fires


Sunset – Koh Tao – Thailand

Koh Tao

Tasmania – Bay of Fires

Bay of Fires01 Bay of Fires02 Bay of Fires03 Bay of Fires04 Bay of Fires05 Bay of Fires06 Bay of Fires07 Bay of Fires08 Bay of Fires09 Bay of Fires10 Bay of Fires11Bay of Fires12Bay of Fires13

In and Around: Mount Dandenong

Mount Dandenong01 Mount Dandenong02 Mount Dandenong03 Mount Dandenong04 Mount Dandenong06 Mount Dandenong07 Mount Dandenong08 Mount Dandenong09 Mount Dandenong10 Mount Dandenong11 Mount Dandenong12 Mount Dandenong13 Mount Dandenong14 Mount Dandenong15 Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 7.19.31 PM

London – Big Ben and The House of Commons

Big Ben01 Big Ben02 Big Ben03 Big Ben04 Big Ben05 Big Ben06 Big Ben07 Big Ben08 Big Ben09 Big Ben10 Big Ben12 Big Ben13 Big Ben14 Big Ben15 Big Ben16 Big Ben17 Big Ben18 Big Ben19 Big Ben20

In and Around: Abington Farm B&B

Abington Farm B&B01 Abington Farm B&B02 Abington Farm B&B03 Abington Farm B&B04 Abington Farm B&B05 Abington Farm B&B06 Abington Farm B&B07 Abington Farm B&B08 Abington Farm B&B10 Abington Farm B&B11 Abington Farm B&B12 Abington Farm B&B13 Abington Farm B&B14 Abington Farm B&B15 Abington Farm B&B16 Abington Farm B&B17 Abington Farm B&B18 Abington Farm B&B19 Abington Farm B&B20 Abington Farm B&B21 Abington Farm B&B22 Abington Farm B&B23 Abington Farm B&B24 Abington Farm B&B25 Abington Farm B&B26 Abington Farm B&B27 Abington Farm B&B28 Abington Farm B&B29 Abington Farm B&B30 Abington Farm B&B32 Abington Farm B&B34 Abington Farm B&B35 Abington Farm B&B36 Abington Farm B&B37 Abington Farm B&B38 Abington Farm B&B39 Abington Farm B&B40 Abington Farm B&B41 Abington Farm B&B43 Abington Farm B&B44 Abington Farm B&B45 Abington Farm B&B46 Abington Farm B&B47 Map

Arc De Triomphe

Paris - Arc de Triomphe1 Paris - Arc de Triomphe2 Paris - Arc de Triomphe3 Paris - Arc de Triomphe4 Paris - Arc de Triomphe5

Rome – Coliseum

Coliseum00 Coliseum01 Coliseum02 Coliseum03 Coliseum05 Coliseum06 Coliseum07 Coliseum08 Coliseum09 Coliseum10 Coliseum11 Coliseum12 Coliseum13 Coliseum14 Coliseum15 Coliseum16 Coliseum17 Coliseum18 Coliseum19

Brandenburg Gate

Brandenburg Gate1 Brandenburg Gate3 Brandenburg Gate4

Vietnam – Hoi An

Hoi An Hoi An Hoi An Hoi An Hoi An Hoi An Japanese Bridge in Hoi An Hoi An - Tea Hoi An Fishing in Hoi An

Vanuatu – Port Vila

Port Vila - Sunset Port Vila - Sunset Port Vila - Sunset - Vanuatu Port Vila - Sunset Port Vila - Sun through clouds

Vanuatu – Efate

Father and Son bathing in a Stream Locals bathing and cleaning in a stream Blue Lagoon Swimming Hole Vanuatu Vanuatu Beach Vanuatuan Tree Vanuatu Beach Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu Cascade Waterfalls Vanuatu Efate Vanuatuan Classroom Vanuatuan Sunset from a Backyard